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**Cindee's Naked Yoga Classes Discontinued in 2015**See her website for more information about her and other nudie events or parties she might be arra

All the preceding naked yoga courses in NYC are nudity-compulsory, as doing yoga naked is the thought. Daring & Naked Yoga does offer private sessions for the less bold (together with clothed classes, but where is the fun in that? ;) read more...

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tell us, the very best physic, but it served as a valuable incentive to the youth of Greece to keep themselves in gwd


Journal of Sport History, Vol. 12, No. 3 (Winter, 1985)

Nudity survived in Greek sports because it was supported by heroic
tradition and faith. So the use of nudity for aggression and apotropaic
Objectives that is cha

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Dave also works for the Naturist Education Foundation. He has been to naturist resorts as a result of seeing a bumper sticker at Black's but Dave does

this post about the return of the Blacks Beach Bares was published by - Young Naturists & Young Nudists America
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By the mid-1990s NAC had become an efficient political action group whose professionalism and effectiveness had engendered admiration from naturist an

As FKK has NAC, now AANR has GAT (Government Affairs Team). Viewing NAC's success in working with Scootch Pankonin, GAT hired a lobbyist of its own. Observing the advantages of NAC's NACAR plan, GAT has recently formed read more...

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The sad part is that most folks WOn't stand up and say something. As in the instance mentioned above - anyone who knows me would know that I 'm not in

Many people are scared that they WOn't manage to attend a party because they stood up for what is appropriate. In such cases, I have to ask - Is going into a bash worth throwing away common decency? Why would you even need to support a group that read more...

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the peoples living in Etruria and other regions of ancient Italy. The use of male nudity and female exposure among the Gauls shows the survival of ear

customsand taboos in historicaltimes.
The heavy and often painful emotions of happiness,
pain, shock, or shame the sight of the nakedbody
arouseswere used by artistsin many means. Nakedness
was, and still is, always something parti

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expected to work long hours. There just is not much time for a social life,

Particularly one that is not part of "the trodden path" in mainstream society.
It does not get any
easier until you are prepared to retire or (at least) until your own
Kids leave home. However busy you feel right now, the more
resp